Heat Pump Servicing

Need a service or a repair? Make sure your heat pump is repaired by an authorised repair agent. Our trusted, qualified technicians only use authorised parts.

Once we’ve received your call, we’ll strive to have a technician to you either on the same day or within the next few days.


Heat pump servicing & repairs FAQ

  • Why should I service my heat pump?

While it can seem like an unnecessary expense, it is actually more cost-effective. A regular service will not only increase the lifetime of your investment, but will also maintain the efficiency of the unit. A blocked or ill-running unit will often use up more energy to produce the desired temperatures.

It’s healthier too! A professional service will not only ensure less faults, but will also remove any internal build-up of dust, mould, mildew, and other airborne allergens.

  • How often should it have my heat pump serviced?

To maximise the lifetime of your heat pump we recommend a through servicing every 12 months. In between these time we suggest keeping both the indoor and outdoor units clear of dust and debris, along with a regular cleaning of the heat pump filters.

  • What it the average cost of servicing a heat pump?

In most cases, we will charge between $110-$150 for a professional service. If we find there are additional faults, or if additional time is required, we will discuss this with you prior to commencing with the job.

  • How do I spot a fault?

The most obvious fault is when the unit stops working altogether, or if it fails to achieve the desired set temperatures. However, a few other ‘flags’ to watch for are, any unusual sounds or vibrations coming from the unit, and if you see any condensation or water leaking from the unit.