Heat Pumps

Considering a heat pump? Heat pumps have become a popular choice for Kiwis looking to stay warm in winter, and cool in summer. Today, consumers can choose from a variety of options and price tags for this investment. So when it comes to selecting a model and a size for your home or office, the right advice at the right time is key!

That’s where our expert team of qualified, accredited professionals come in. We provide a comprehensive assessment of key factors such as space, sunlight and airflow. We take the time to talk to you about how you use the space, your lifestyle, budget and other specific preferences.

Based on our assessment, we then give you guidance on what model and size will work best for you. We’ll also advise on the optimum spot for installation.

We can take care of the full process, so you can rest assured it’s done well. We supply, install and maintain heat pumps, providing a professional and efficient service with only one company to contact.

An ‘Authorised Service Agent’ for leading global heat pump brands, we also guarantee your heat pump installation. Should it not live up to your, or our expectations, we’ll upgrade you to the next unit up at our expense. Contact us for more information on heat pumps!


> Heat Pump Installation our simple 1, 2, 3 on what you can expect

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Heat Pump Installation our simple 1, 2, 3 on what you can expect

To ensure you get the right heat pump for your space, one of our accredited professionals will carry out an assessment of your home or office space, before recommending which model is best suited.

We’ll take a look at factors such as sunlight, air flow, ventilation, insulation and thermal loss and of course the size of your spaces before making our recommendation. We also provide guidance on the right spot to put your heat pump for the most efficient performance. Once done, we can then supply, install and even maintain your heat pump.


1 – Quote – of course, free and no obligation

A heat pump specialist will assess the internal space, and provide you with a free, no obligation quote. At this appointment the specialist will discuss with you your requirements for heating and cooling, and provide advice on which unit would work best for your home or office.

2 – Expect, experienced installation

We work to an exceptionally high standard to ensure a perfectly running heat pump, with no short cuts! Our commitment to the customer’s long term satisfaction has often set us apart from other installers.

3 – We guarantee it!

We’re so confident in the ongoing skill, proficiency and professionalism of our team, we put money on it! We guarantee that you will have a well-performing unit installed, correctly sized for the space. However, if you do find the unit is failing to achieve the temperature it should, we will upsize the unit at our expense!